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Biopreventative Company LLC Terms and Conditions (DBA: Biopreventative ) Last Revised: September 19th, 2022 (v 1.0.2)


Agreement to Terms and Conditions

By selecting “I Agree”, ticking an associated checkbox, or utilizing our services (as described below), you affirm that you have read, comprehended, and consented to these terms. If you disagree or don’t understand these terms, you are not authorized to access or use these services. If someone accepts these terms on your behalf, you authorize that individual to act as your agent.

Mandatory Arbitration Clause: You consent to resolve any disagreements between us (comprising the company and our agents, employees, officers, shareholders, etc.), or between you and associated entities, through individual, binding arbitration. You waive the right to a jury trial or to join a class action lawsuit, as detailed further in this document.

The terms in this Agreement may be updated in response to legal obligations, business needs, or changes in the competitive landscape.
Biopreventative and/or its affiliated companies (“Biopreventative”, “us”, or “we”) own and manage websites, including (“Platform”). Your access to and use of the Platform and affiliated services (“Service”) is governed by this Agreement (“Terms and Conditions”).

Be sure to read this Agreement carefully. It outlines essential details about the Service you’re consenting to use. The terms “you”, “your”, and similar phrases refer to users of the Service.

Consent for Telehealth Services

Telehealth employs electronic communications for remote healthcare delivery. While beneficial, it also carries potential risks. Telehealth is not a comprehensive alternative to in-person healthcare. By engaging in our telehealth services, you agree that Biopreventative is a third-party beneficiary of your Medical Consent form and can enforce it against you.

Usage by Minors Prohibited

Our Service is not designed for individuals under the age of 18; such individuals are forbidden from using our services, except to read this Agreement.

Your Relationship with Us

We offer products and services from us and third-party providers, pharmacies, diagnostic labs, and other vendors through our Service. Payment and service terms are covered in this Agreement, to which these entities are third-party beneficiaries.

No Healthcare Relationship

Biopreventative doesn’t influence or control any healthcare practices. By using our Service, you acknowledge that you may enter into a patient-provider relationship with third-party providers, but not with us.

No Pharmacy Relationship

Biopreventative is not a pharmacy, nor do we control such services. By using the Service, you understand that you might establish a relationship with a pharmacy and consent to them accessing your prescription records as mandated by law.

Messaging Consent

You consent to receiving messages from Biopreventative and affiliated entities about your treatment. We are not responsible for the security or content of these messages.

Consent to Pay for Services

Biopreventative is not a participant in healthcare or insurance programs. You agree to pay for the Services on a cash-only basis, and you alone are financially responsible for all related costs.

Subscription Billing Agreement

Our services operate on a subscription model. You may cancel your subscription by emailing [email protected], and any outstanding invoices will be charged to your payment method.

Billing Bundling Agreement

Charges will be bundled into a single subscription fee for select services, including Detailed invoices are available upon request.

Prescription-Only Services

Some services require a valid prescription, and payment does not guarantee receipt of prescription medication. If you opt for an affiliated pharmacy, the associated costs will be included in your Charges.

Risks and Disclosures

By using our Service, you assume all risks and responsibilities related to your healthcare and medications.

Arbitration and Mediation

Any disputes will first be mediated and then arbitrated, as overseen by the American Arbitration Association.

Class-Action Waiver

You relinquish your right to engage in class actions or group arbitrations against us.


Invalid or unenforceable provisions do not affect the validity of the remaining terms.


Biopreventative may transfer this Agreement to a third party without requiring additional consent from you.

Governing Law

This Agreement is governed by Delaware state law, and you consent to jurisdiction in Delaware courts for any actions to enforce this Agreement.